UTAH! (a seatbelted-boy assisted poem)

Part of road-trip fun is creating activities to keep the kids stimulated. Yesterday, I asked them to look out their windows and to describe what they saw. With some prompting, they provided the following feedback: blue mountains, red and orange sand, a whole bunch of shrubs like a family reunion, things that looked like sphinxes (couldn’t narrow down which landscape feature, but you can use your imagination). I pulled together the ideas and created the following poem:

Ten blue tables set for queens.

Egypt cottons – red, orange, green

Laid out neatly on the land

Wait for jugglers, dancers, bands.

Shrubs all mingle – maiden whispers –

“Who shall join the Cirrus sisters?”

Sphinx or Tut seem apropos

But only West is in the know.

Cooling Breeze provides fanfare –

Marks entrance of the royal pair.

Sun sets down to banquet feast,

While Moon arises from the East.

The poem isn’t perfect, but the boys loved their finished product. It even opened up an opportunity to discuss rhythm in poetry. I altered a few words breaking the pattern and repeated the poem. They both giggled at how silly the poem sounded. Gotta love that!



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